Welcome to Fantasy Cakes!

I like to say that “Every cake has a story”. My story started in 2010…Actually, it starter long time ago when I was a little girl. My main inspiration was my grandma whose love for cooking was overwhelming and part of it simply had to be passed on to me.

I discovered the passion for cake design in 2009 when I made my first cake for my friend's birthday. I wanted to make something unique, something very special. I found myself having so much fun creating this cake that I just had to enroll in cake decorating classes. Ever since then, I have been developing new ideas, studying new techniques, inventing designs and continually challenging myself to create something even more amazing.

At Fantasy Cakes, all of our products are made to order for each client using only the freshest, highest quality ingredients. I am very grateful to have an opportunity to add that very special touch to your very special celebrations. I am here to help you design your own, unique and delicious Fantasy Cake!

So, that is my cake story…What is your cake story?